Whether it's responding to seismic shifts in your industry or working to plan for the long term, changing the future orientation of your company could yield significant benefits. Research has proven that businesses with a strong future orientation are more efficient and innovative. To become more futuristic it is possible to encourage employees and management to create and implement new strategies and procedures that help the organization prepare https://datatraininst.com/2021/07/08/generated-post/ for the future and adapt to emerging trends.

The development of innovative technologies that are geared towards the future requires a dialogue approach to analyze business opportunities and potential barriers. This can be accomplished using a framework of futures-literacy that encompasses futures knowledge and awareness as well as futures capabilities. Futures literacy is the capacity of a person or organization to identify futures, construct them, and communicate them. It is based on the understanding that articulating and creating futures is multidisciplinary and involves many domains, spheres, and stakeholders. Futures awareness is the ability to be aware of the possibility of future opportunities and is built on an individual's understanding of their perception of the world around them.

Future-oriented innovation can be achieved through creating products and services that will improve people's lives. These improvements are the result of collaboration among several high-tech process stakeholders. They require a comprehensive assessment of the current issues and possible solutions. This type of innovation requires a radical epistemic view and the ability to take in suggestions from the long term future.

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